Favorite Weiss-Curry Links

Causes We Support

Neighborhood Parents for the Hurley School
We were founding members of this group, which supports our neighborhood bilingual public school, in 1992
Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy
Kelley has just joined the board of this great organization
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
Kelley worked there for 7 years

Companies We Like

Satuit Technologies
Josh’s employer—for all our financial CRM needs!
Fleurescent Design
Trish is a great designer and she and Kelley work together.
Liz Levin & Company
Kelley does work for Liz—she rescued me from full-time mommyhood
Lionette’ Market
Our friend Robert Lionette and his brother Jamey run this excellent local market specializing in local, sustainable food.
The Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro
Friends and fellow Hurley parents Peter and Cecilia Rait own this charming hotel and delicious bistro.
Cornerstone Consulting Group
Josh’s cousin Cheri is an excellent management consultant. Your dysfunctional company needs her services!

Friends We Appreciate

Guys? We visited all your websites and they are all gone or out of date. OK I know this is the pot calling the kettle black, but if you are still proudly promoting your website or blog, let us know and we will link it here.