Welcome to the second (and final!) Weiss-Curry Baby Pool.

Guessing is now closed. We're still in the market for name suggestions, so if you missed the opportunity to enter but would still like to weigh in your opinions, log in and post a message on the message board.

All the guesses are in. Thirty-four people weighed in with their opinions. Of those, 56% predict the baby will be a boy, 44% say girl. Four of you think Basket-Basket will arrive on its due date, 21 predict s/he will come early, and nine think s/he won't be born until after May 22. The average weight guessed was 7 pounds, 3 ounces. The heaviest guess was 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and the lightest was 6 pounds, 3 ounces.

The winner will be the person who guesses the sex correctly and is closest to the date of birth. If there's a tie, the person who's closest to the correct weight will win. (Win what? Well, bragging rights, for one. Kelley is suggesting the prize should be a Saturday night alone with the new baby! Woo hoo!)

Your guess is that Basket-Basket will be a Girl born on 5/20/2004 weighing in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces. You can change the names or comments you entered here:

Boy Names:
Girl Names:

Current Entrants:

Name Sex Date Weight Names Comments
Josh Weiss  Girl  5/12/2004  7 Lbs, 9 Oz  Boy: Elijah
Girl: Cow-Cow-Cow  
I stole my name ideas from toddlers.  
David Schrag  Boy  5/13/2004  7 Lbs, 11 Oz  Boy: Kenneth, Kyle, Kevin
Girl: Kayla, Kara, Kiera, Kendra, Koala  
Ask Roger Clemens for more suggestions  
Jim Baumstark  Boy  5/15/2004  7 Lbs, 0 Oz    Matthew (nearly 3) suggests "Orange" (his favorite color) and Maggie (just turned one) suggests "J" because she thinks it's cool to have the same first letter as her older sibling. Congrats! -Jim & Bridget  
Paul Fjelstad  Girl  5/17/2004  7 Lbs, 7 Oz  Boy: George W., Corey, Jeffrey, Olav
Girl: Keeley, Kayla, Kylie, Katrina, Annie  
Throw in various accents for the first girl names, and the confusion at the dinner table could be epic.  
Kate Dunn  Boy  5/18/2004  7 Lbs, 2 Oz  Boy: David, Jeremy, Trevor
Girl: Ellen, Diane, Anna  
Hi Josh and Kelley, Congratulations again! Two is double the fun. Thanks for keeping us updated at least this much! Love to you all, Kate, Jim, Cullen and Lucy  
Kristin Dawe  Girl  5/18/2004  7 Lbs, 10 Oz  Boy: Michael
Girl: Kathryn (kit)  
Good Luck!!  
Donna Larson  Boy  5/19/2004  7 Lbs, 0 Oz  Boy: Zachary, Jiles
Girl: Lily, Sydney, Clio, Sophia  
Congrats! I hope you keep the tradition of a quick easy delivery for baby #2!  
Michael Bromley  Boy  5/19/2004  7 Lbs, 5 Oz  Boy: Brian, Alex, Ben
Girl: Dylan, Sabrina, Christie, Stephanie, Starr, Krista, Chloe  
These are Sophia's choices. She seems to be a little biased toward girls names. My favs are: Lemon Grass, Coriander, and Tumeric which are all unisex.  
Anne Cowie  Girl  5/19/2004  6 Lbs, 3 Oz  Boy: Charlie
Girl: Sophia  
Great news - your family expands! Can't wait to hear the news!  
Carrie Alyea  Girl  5/19/2004  7 Lbs, 2 Oz  Boy: Julius
Girl: Hurley  
Andrea Goldman  Boy  5/20/2004  7 Lbs, 0 Oz    not feeling creative at the moment--will have to come back to this  
Karen Maguire  Boy  5/20/2004  7 Lbs, 8 Oz    Don't recommend letting child's father read to much Icelandic ficiion before selecting name  
Nana Papa  Boy  5/20/2004  7 Lbs, 12 Oz  Boy: Jacob, Scott
Girl: Jennifer, Sallie  
Kelley Curry  Girl  5/20/2004  6 Lbs, 8 Oz  Boy: Thai Weiss-Curry; second choice: Daniel Nathaniel
Girl: Saffron Weiss-Curry; second choice: Chloe Zoe  
My suggestions from last time didn't get used, so I've suggested them again. We've barely talked about names this time, so make your suggestion good - we might actually use it!  
Cheri Lieberman  Girl  5/20/2004  6 Lbs, 8 Oz  Boy: David; Alex(ander); Ethan;Last One;Kenneth
Girl: Alix;Taylor;Last One;Karyn;Girl(inspired by Tarzan);Ariel  
I felt so rushed and genius should not be rushed. Thanks goodness I respond well to stress since I have so much practice. I can't wait for baby #2. Please say hello to the future big sister for me:  
Nick Curry  Girl  5/20/2004  6 Lbs, 11 Oz  Boy: Shaq Diesel, Tyrone, Stevie Wonder, The Wizzle Curizzle, Snoop
Girl: The Femizzle Verzizzle of the Wizzle Currizzle, Snoopette  
I gave a lots of serious thought to my name choices, so I hope to see the new baby named one of these beautiful names.  
mary culpepper  Boy  5/21/2004  7 Lbs, 0 Oz  Boy: phineas
Girl: julianne  
savannah culpepper, born 3/17, welcomes her future playmate!  
Jen Kohl  Boy  5/21/2004  7 Lbs, 2 Oz  Boy: Jonathan, Jamie, Benjamin, Jeffrey, Ned, Alton ;)
Girl: Elinor, Joy, Hazel, Linnea (pronounced Linnay)  
Edmund, Peter, Lucy, Susan, Eustace, Caspian, Jill, Polly, Digory, Shasta, Aravis, Corin  
Nancy Weiss  Boy  5/21/2004  7 Lbs, 2 Oz  Boy: jeremy baicker, benjamin dexter    
njal larson  Boy  5/21/2004  7 Lbs, 5 Oz  Boy: Twice
Girl: Julia II  
Twice Weiss.... It has a nice ring to it.  
Dan Talbot  Girl  5/21/2004  7 Lbs, 6 Oz  Boy: J.J. (Josh Jr.), Jack, Kyren
Girl: Paige, Sarah  
Good Luck  
Christoph Sahar  Boy  5/22/2004  7 Lbs, 3 Oz  Boy: Gavin, Lars, Ephram, Wade, Gilliam, Chad(wick), Evan, Andrew, Andreas, Christoph
Girl: Nicole, Phaedra, Bridgin, Ischabel, Dierdre, Margot, Phaella, Beverly, Emily  
Julia Weiss-Curry  Girl  5/22/2004  6 Lbs, 15 Oz  Boy: Joshua
Girl: Maggie  
Happy Birthday! Hugs.  
Jayce Hall  Girl  5/22/2004  7 Lbs, 1 Oz  Boy: Shane, Daniel
Girl: Hailey, Kayleigh, Melanie, Grace  
Good Luck to you all ! Oh the joy of sleepless nights again! I'll be joining you in November!  
Jerry Weiss  Girl  5/22/2004  8 Lbs, 2 Oz  Boy: justin, juarez, jabez
Girl: jessica, janine,  
Cade Metz  Boy  5/24/2004  7 Lbs, 1 Oz  Boy: Greg Koubek, Marty Nessley
Girl: Dorcas, Nerdonda  
Per usual, I'm trying very hard to channel Nick Curry  
Ann Curry  Boy  5/24/2004  7 Lbs, 6 Oz  Boy: Samuel (Sam), Lawson, Alexander
Girl: Emily, Kathryn (Kate)  
Kathryn O'Neill  Girl  5/25/2004  7 Lbs, 5 Oz  Boy: Kevin
Girl: Kaitlin  
I'm submitting K names in fairness to Kelley. Josh and Julia. Kelley and Kevin/Kaitlin. Good luck!  
Tracy Bromley  Boy  5/26/2004  7 Lbs, 4 Oz  Boy: Blanket, Prince Michael, Baby Face (my fave for Ryan), Joseph, Phillip
Girl: Paris, Antonia, Chloe Maddox (like Sophia Lenox)  
Since this is the final Baby Weiss-Curry, I wish for you the different (but equally amazing) love of a baby boy. Name suggestions courtesy of South Park, Michael Jackson and me.  
Stacy Koeppel  Girl  5/27/2004  7 Lbs, 9 Oz  Boy: Cade
Girl: Maeve  
Cole picked the names as he just met two new friends with the names I/he suggested  
Chris Lieberman  Boy  5/28/2004  7 Lbs, 3 Oz  Boy: Julian; Kyle
Girl: Jillian; Elizabeth  
Congratulations on your upcoming baby. Good luck!  
Stacy Bereck Chernosky  Boy  5/28/2004  7 Lbs, 8 Oz  Boy: Kyle
Girl: Kelsey, Kinsey, Kayleigh  
I am wishing for a boy to keep us in balance--but I know you will be thrilled with either one (and big sisters are very nurturing). I also think you need a K name for balance, but can't think of many that aren't trendy.  
Peter Moon  Boy  5/29/2004  6 Lbs, 9 Oz  Boy: Tillman
Girl: Seriph  
This is exciting! How about an annual event?  
Mary Metz  Girl  5/29/2004  7 Lbs, 3 Oz  Boy: Caleb, Issac
Girl: Rachel, Leah, Miriam  
these are some of my favorite names, but I didn't have enough children to use the.