Wednesday, September 6

Julia had her 2-month visit at the pediatricians office today. She weighs 11 pounds, which is just about the 50th percentile for her age. They were very impressed with how strong she was and with her advanced ability of rolling over (although they had to take our word for it, since she didnt seem to be in the mood during her visit.)

Monday, September 11

Julias Gramma and Grampa Weiss were taking care of her Saturday night while her mom and dad were at the fabulous wedding of their friends Stacy and Ed. Julia took a bottle of pumped milk and her determined grandparents finally got her to sleep around 11:30. When the wedding was over at 1:30 we put her in the car and took her back to the hotel, and she didnt wake up during the whole transition. We left her on the floor asleep in her car seat. At 6:00 am Kelley woke up in a panic because Julia hadnt made a peep all night. But she was just fine, sleeping soundly, and woke up about 15 minutes later. She had slept through the night! But of course she did not repeat the feat last night.

Friday, September 15

Julias sounds are really getting interesting these days. They sound happy and are very fun to listen to.



Sunday, July 2

Heres the first video footage of Julia, when shes about 20 hours old.