Sunday, November 5

Julia is now reaching for things with one hand, and her grasp is much more accurate than it was only three weeks ago. Today I saw her holding a toy in one hand and grabbing for something with the other!

Tuesday, November 14

Julia has begun reaching for things that arent necessarily within her grasp, or intended for her. Shes very interested in glasses when were drinking something, but shes frustrated by anything she cant get in her mouth in a satisfactory manner. She also has begun stroking my skin while nursing, and today I completely melted when she reached out and held my face, putting her palms on my cheeks.

Thursday, November 16

Although Julia rolled from front to back for the first time at six weeks, and was rolling back to side in October, she hadnt rolled at all recently until today, when she started rolling three-quarters of the way from her back to her front, then back again. Click here for the full story.  

Saturday, November 25

Julia babbled for the first time tonight, saying ah-ma-ma-ma. Its the first step to first words, but for now shes just putting syllables together; she doesn't yet associate mama with a person. Shes also been losing lots of hair recently; its now thinning on the sides and remains thick and at the nape of her neck and somewhat on top. 

Thursday, November 30

Julia rolled completely from back to front for the first time today, but wouldnt repeat the feat for posterity. Click here for the full story.



Sunday, July 2

Heres the first video footage of Julia, when shes about 20 hours old.