Sunday, October 1

Julia is exactly three months old today! She slept through the night again last night, under circumstances similar to the previous time. Our friends Ed and Jen had come over for dinner and Julia was having so much fun that she wouldnt stay asleep. She was in a great mood, though. We finally got her to sleep in her stroller at 11 oclock, and she didnt wake up until 6 in the morning!

Wednesday, October 4

Julia weighs 12 pounds, 12 ounces. Shes now above the 50th percentile for her age, and people have stopped thinking that shes a lot younger than she really is. The midwives at our mother-baby group love her pudgy thighs!

Thursday, October 5

All of a sudden today Julia is talking up a storm. Previously, she only made noises for a few minutes before she was going to get upset. Now, she burbles away when shes happy too. We cant imagine where these chatterbox tendencies came from!

Thursday, October 12

Julia came back tonight from six days visiting Spike and Annie in Atlanta. She had her first plane rides and did very well. People on the planes complimented her behavior. During the trip she continued to talk a lot, and in the last day or so the sounds are getting clearer and less wet-sounding . Annie noticed that in just six days she was making more eye contact with people, clearly trying to get our attention and smiling broadly to elicit good responses from us. Shes also improved in her attempts to grab things. At first she was just swiping at her toys and sometimes hitting them by accident, but now you can see the look of concentration on her face as she reaches for something with both hands and sometimes gets it! Josh only stayed in Atlanta for the weekend, so when we returned, Julia was so happy to see her daddy she rewarded him by repeatedly rolling from back to side for the first time.

Monday, October 16

Saturday, Julia was pointing her tongue out in a very adorable way, but she stopped and hasnt done it again since, so we couldnt get it on film!

Friday, October 20

The ability to roll from back to side has made Julia unintentionally mobile. If shes lying on the floor, she will roll, squirm, and roll back repeatedly , and can eventually end up 180 degrees from where she started. Shes also laughing a lot more these days, but often only finds something funny the first time, so you have to keep reaching into your bag of tricks for new ways to keep her amused. (She found the tickling you see in this video even more hilarious before we got the camera, but hasnt found it to be as entertaining in subsequent attempts.) Shes also suffering her first cold, but is bearing up pretty well and is in surprisingly good spirits, although she sounds a bit snarky.



Sunday, July 2

Heres the first video footage of Julia, when shes about 20 hours old.