I never wanted to stand in the way of a full and accurate roll
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Julia on a roll!

Roll breakthrough results in repeated back-to-front rolling at last

December 8, 2000

BOSTON, MA - After completing only two rolls in the week since her first full back-to-front roll, Julia broke out last night into repeated rolling that has continued today. Following weeks of uncertainty and repeated partial rolls and re-rolls, this sudden victory at last proves that Julia's roll claims were legitimate. 

Initial roll controversial

Julia's first complete back-to-front roll on November 30 (see "From Our Files: Julia over the hump," sidebar link) drew controversy as potentially aided by a soft surface. She followed up that disputed roll the following day with a naked roll while her father was changing her diaper. On December 3, she rolled yet again. But it was not until a full week after the initial roll that rolling began in earnest.

Fourth roll is breakthrough

Following a hiatus of several days, last night Julia began to roll while her diaper was off. Then she hit her stride, rolling again and again. Although she was repeatedly returned to her back, she persevered and was successful in rolling again after each setback. The Weiss-Curry news team was there and caught several of the re-rolls live on video . Subsequently, Julia has continued to roll almost any time she was left on her back.

Diaper implicated, arm vindicated

After the third roll, analysts had theorized that the diaper-free state contributed to Julia's ability to roll, and this theory was bolstered last night. It appears that the bulky diaper may have interfered with her mobility. The arm, which had been originally implicated in Julia's roll difficulties (see "From Our Files: Roll too close to call," sidebar link), was vindicated and, in a prepared statement, indicated that it had never wanted to stand in the way of a full roll and was "pleased that the situation was now being assessed in a fair and accurate manner." 

Today she has proven her ability to roll in any state of dress, rolling frequently when she was fully diapered and clothed. Observers seemed pleased that the ongoing controversy has ended with such an undisputable conclusion, and are waiting to see how Julia will handle the challenges facing her in the coming years. 

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