What is “Deeder”?

Deeder was the name we called Julia while she was a fetus.

Where did the name Deeder come from?

Julia's uncle Nick started calling the fetus "deeder," which was a word he and his friends used to refer to something small. Don't ask me; I don't precisely understand it myself. But the name stuck.

OK, but what about “Basket-Basket”?

When we told Julia our family was going to have a baby, we asked her what she thought good names for the new baby would be. Her first suggestion was "Julia." We tried to explain that that would be a little confusing. "When we call, 'Julia,' who would come?" "We would both come," she exclaimed. (Yeah, right. You would both ignore us!) So we asked for some other ideas, and she suggested "Dog-Dog, for a girl; Basket-Basket; and Cow-Cow-Cow." Somehow Basket-Basket stuck.

What happened to the DeederCam?

The camera we have requires a lot of light, making it difficult to see anything unless the room is very brightly lit. So it's down for the time being while we investigate new DeederCam technology. We hope a new and improved DeederCam will be available soon.

What's up with the photos? Did Julia stop aging at 17 months?

Stop being a smart-aleck. We admit we're more than a little behind on posting updated photos. We'll be trying to catch up, starting with the most recent photos and working backwards to fill in the gaps, so check back periodically for new and old photos on the site.

Why do you ask people to log in?

Registering at WeissCurry.com enables you to read and post messages on our message board

Do I have to register and log in?

Currently you aren't required to, unless you want to use the message board. You can still see the pictures, read the journal, and access most other features without being logged in. But we may make it mandatory in the future.

Why would you do that?

It would allow us to add more personal features, like links to e-mail us. We're trying hard to protect our WeissCurry.com e-mail addresses from spam, and having your e-mail address available on the web is a good way to get on unwanted mailing lists. And since some members have asked about getting in touch with other members, we could publish a member directory of any interested members without having that personal information generally available on the web.

But it's such a pain to log in every time.

That wasn't a question. But we've added a cookie feature so that after you've logged in once, WeissCurry.com will remember you when you return to our home page from the same computer. So it really won't be much trouble.

Could you tell me where I can find a leek and could you also tell me what one is?

A leek is a member of the onion family, looking something like a giant scallion, with a white root and dark green leaves. You can find leeks in the produce aisle.

I have a question that’s not answered here. What do I do?

E-mail it to us!