Favorite song:

“Old MacDonald” 

Favorite sounds:

Arf, Beep

Things that go beep when you press them:

Car horns, bicycle or stroller wheel hubs, reflector lights, the microwave, noses

Favorite foods:

Macaroni and cheese, blueberries, cream cheese, hummus


Least favorite foods:


Things Julia hates:

Having her teeth brushed, getting her nails clipped

Single greatest tragedy in Julias life:

That she’s not allowed to stand on chairs

Things that will get a laugh most of the time:

Putting things on your head and letting them fall off

Books that Julia requests most often:

Jane Simmons Daisy Says Coo! (“Coo!”), Baby Faces (“Faces”), Alexandra Day’s Good Dog Carl (“Car-carl”, although she thinks that’s the name of the baby, not the dog), Sandra Boyntons Doggies (“Woof”), Vera B. Williams More More More Said the Baby (“More More”)